BDB_M4S - download, screenshots and info

BDB_M4S - Buddhabrot Maker using stepping method

Buddhabrot Maker - Program based on buddhabrot qbasic code from
The Mandelbrot Dazibao - 2003 -
Modified and adapted to my own needs and wishes.

This is a small program to make Buddhabrot and Mandelcloud fractals
using the ordered grid stepping method.

Developement history:  
 * changed to stepping method suggested by Lori Gardi- March 2003
 * fixed a bug that made points on y=0 to be drawn twice (2-4-03)
 * user input menu and Mandelcloud type added - April 2003
 * June 20 2003 - public release

It is highly recommended to run this program on a Virtual RAM Disk
because it reads and writes to disk constantly during operation,
wich can slow both the program and the computer down when run on
a hard disk.

The progress of the image can be observed with an external
picture viewer.  With IrfanView for example you can use the slide 
show function to reload the image at a set interval.

This program is distributed freely in the hope that it will be 
useful for the exploration and study of the beauty of these
fractal types, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY whatsoever about it's
functionality, safety and usefulness.

Fractal types:


screen0.gif screen1.gif

Download Buddhabrot Maker (DOS/Console, compiled QBasic program, 45kB)

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