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Ruigoord Corroboree 2005

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Just a moment, a cut/up in html

RealAudio Works!
RealAudio Works! Satirical montages
of L.Ron Hubbard quotes
(Original quotes can be found here)

Expo digital artwork

YIDAKI / DIDJERIDU - click here for more...
Click here to test your audio setup
(27k .AU file)

This is a sample of the sound of a didj I made recently from a crooked willow trunk
(265k .AU file)

The same sample in .mp3 format

here is another short sample

and here a longer one

Complete audioclip of my contribution to the 'Didjeridu Planet 2' compilation CD

.MP3, 22kHz 16 bits stereo, 2 minutes
(to save to your disk, right-mouseclick or shift-mouseclick,
or however you invoke 'save document as' in your browser)

last updated: 18/6/2005 - Rasta Robert