Ruigoord Corroboree 2005

Here you can download audio clips if you'ld like an impression how some of my yidakis sound.

Click here to test your audio setup (27k .AU file)
(.AU 55kB)
Yirrkala Yidaki
my first original Australian didj, Pitch D#. This rhythm demonstrates 'cutting', or the use over overblown tones as percussive effect.

This is a sample of the sound of a didj I made recently from a crooked willow trunk.
(265k .AU file)
The same sample in .mp3 format
here is another short sample (.mp3)
and here a longer one (.mp3)

MP3 quality audio clip
Complete audioclip of my contribution to 'Didjeridu Planet 2' compilation CD
.MP3, 22kHz 16 bits stereo, 2 minutes - 850kB
(to save to your disk, right-mouseclick or shift-mouseclick,
or however you invoke 'save document as' in your browser)

(.AU 95kB)
Wild Chestnut 'Dutcheridu'
, made with help from a Midwinterhorn builder from the East of the Netherlands. pitch C. The Dutch word for 'chestnut tree' (kastanjeboom) was the basis for this rhythm.

(.AU 80kB)
Yidaki from Queensland
, made by a guy who calls himself Zazen who's parents immigrated from the Netherlands to Australia whe he was still a baby, and whom I met on his first visit to the Netherlands. Pitch C#, This clip demonstrates the 'diaphragm flutter' technique.

My gratitude and respect goes to the Yolngu people from Northern Australia for sharing the magic and the knowledge of the Yidaki, this ancient mystical musical instrument with the world.
Power to the struggle of all indigenous people everywhere for land rights and freedom.

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